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By Lira Low Roberts

Kristine recently attended the launch of Qi 2010 speaker Chandran Nair's ground-breaking book Consumptionomics: Asia's Role in Reshaping Capitalism and Saving the Planet in Singapore at the National Library's Pod space.  


The book launch was organised by Chandran Nair's Global Institute for Tomorrow (GIFT) and IMC's East West Leaning Centre. Consumptionomics sets out a new conceptual framework for both governments and businesses in Asia. It proposes that the conventional wisdom of demand and supply frameworks need to be radically overhauled to include the true cost of externalities. Consumptionomics also challenges business leaders, politicians and academics to address Asia's dilemma, which Nair proposes is the relentless promotion of a consumption-led economic growth model in the world's most populous region, at a time when resource constraints are too obvious to deny. He purports that our current economic system is built on a colonial world view of free resources and slavery. Some interesting ideas that came out of the event was the proposition that in the future it will be illegal to turn one's air-conditioning down to 20 degs! 

IMC's new learning arm, the East West Learning Centre also shared its vision of inspiring business and community leaders to create sustainable development. Its model is premised on the needs for individuals and corporations to transform themselves in order to create social, environmental and economic impact. 

Need to get my hands on that book!